Covid Protocols

What is In2Great! doing to keep families and our community safe?

Our waiting rooms continue to remain closed at this time. It is mandatory for all adults to wear masks when entering our vestibules to drop off and/or pick up children. Our therapists will all continue to wear masks at all times. As a clinic, we are stepping up our already high standards of cleanliness and providing additional resources throughout our clinic for therapists to utilize to keep our environment as clean as possible. Sanitation bins have been strategically placed in high traffic areas (securely and out of reach of children) throughout the clinic to provide easy access to disinfection supplies. Therapists continue to do their due diligence and clean up after each of their sessions. In addition to all of this, we have a cleaning company come in EVERY night and deep clean our clinic. 

We continue to be relationship based and value the playful spirit of our therapists, so we will continue to interact closely with our clients, as such, we know that colds, flus, and other illnesses may spread, however, we will be as proactive as possible to limit any contagion.

We Are Dedicated To The Health And Safety Of Our Families:

  • Every therapist wears a mask (and some choose to wear a face shield as well).
  • At this time, parents and caregivers cannot wait in the waiting rooms (pick up and drop off at the doors/vestibule). On the occasion that a parent needs to be part of a session, we required their temperatures and hands be sanitized and are directed into a smaller treatment room for the therapy to take place.
  • Temperatures taken at the door for all clients
  • Sanitizing stations/hand washing stations (in the waiting room bathrooms) upon entering the waiting rooms
  • Over 20 rooms available for treatment (individual treatment rooms that therapists go into with their clients for 1:1 related activities)
  • Sanitation crew comes in every night to clean the entire clinic and disinfects.
  • Therapists use sanitation wipes and disinfectant sprays post sessions.

What if my child or another member of our household tests positive or is exhibiting symptoms of COVID?

If anyone in your household tests positive for COVID or is demonstrating COVID symptoms, we will require your child to produce a negative rapid test on the day of their session as they are considered a close contact. We recognize that this is a potentially challenging requirement, but we must follow the advice given by the state of Illinois and the Center for Disease Control. Below, please find a link for local testing centers for your convenience. If we must cancel a session for these precautions, we will do everything possible to schedule virtual sessions, make-up sessions, and support your child and your family! 

What if my therapist tests positive or is feeling ill?

We will offer virtual services if your therapist is feeling well enough, otherwise if you would like to have your child see another therapist, we will do our best to make that happen! It will be up to you if you would like either of those alternatives or if you would like to wait until your therapist returns. If your child has potentially been exposed by one of our therapists, we will call you immediately to inform you, and we will require your child to receive a negative COVID test before returning. 

What if my child is exposed to COVID at school?

If your child’s school informs you that they are requiring you to quarantine, you may take your child to be tested, and if their test is negative on the day of their scheduled therapy appointment and they are asymptomatic, they can come in to receive services with In2Great.

We thank you for respecting our policies, our therapists and their families appreciate your caution, understanding and consideration. 

Have a Question?

We would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Please contact us and someone will get back with you as soon as possible.

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