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Transitional Program “Life In2Great’ed” is a transition program that uses a multidisciplinary approach to best support the needs of our clients and their families. A multidisciplinary approach includes the continuous collaboration and communication between multiple therapy services including occupational therapy, speech therapy, mental health services, and physical therapy. In2Great!’s collaborative approach between our clients and their families provides a unique opportunity to support all areas of needs to best integrate the valuable life skills necessary for success within the community.

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“Life In2Great’ed” offers modules that provide a framework to support our client’s life skills development. Skilled therapists use these modules to address areas related to executive functioning and motor planning, self care, activities of daily living, social-emotional development, fine and gross motor skills, communication skills, and social skills training. We believe in the importance of developing life skills that will transcend over the lifespan. After clients have developed the appropriate skills within the clinic, we transition to integrating those skills within the home and community settings. With close supervision, clients are able to improve on the necessary skills to access and participate in community-based training to learn skills related to shopping, travel, socialization, and money management.

In the beginning, a comprehensive evaluation will be completed in order to best develop the goals that fit the needs of our clients. The therapists at In2Great! developed the modules using clinical rationale and evidence. In order to best support our clients, standardized assessments are used to track progress over time and complete interviews in order to target client centered priority area.  In2Great! continues to develop additional modules to support the needs of our clients. 

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