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Providing Effective Occupational Therapy In The Chicagoland Area

Occupational therapists work with children to gain skills needed for success in daily life and across contexts! The experts at our occupational therapy in the northwest suburbs of Chicago aim to holistically help each child engage in occupations: simply, any tasks or activities needed for success at home, school, and in their community. We help kids gain independence and confidence while strengthening development in different areas such as:

  • Self-care skills (dressing, feeding, hygiene)
  • Sensory integration and regulation
  • Play skills
  • Emotional regulation 
  • Body awareness
  • Fine motor skills
  • Visual motor skills

How do we do this? Through a child’s biggest foundational tool: play! The professionals at our occupational therapy in northwest suburbs of Chicago clinic work to connect relationally to each child, so they learn their interests and strengths, and find ways that motivate each child to succeed. We want therapy to be fun, safe and inviting.

The Impact of Occupational Therapy

A child’s role in life is to play and interact with other children. Our pediatric occupational therapists offer occupational therapy in Buffalo Grove by evaluating a child’s current skills related to play, school performance, and daily activities and comparing them with what is developmentally appropriate for that age group. OTs help children perform daily activities they may find challenging by addressing sensory, social, behavioral, motor, and environmental issues.

Occupational therapy’s goal is to promote children’s independence in all facets of life. Children can receive help from an occupational therapist in mastering daily activities like eating and dressing. Working with a therapist helps children with developmental difficulties improve their skills socially and emotionally. We focus on giving the best occupational therapy in Buffalo Grove, so our children thrive in their lives.

You may want to seek out an Occupational Therapy evaluation if your child struggles with:
  • Grooming (baths, teeth/hair brushing, nail or hair cutting)
  • Sensitivity to touch, taste, sound, smells, or multi sensory input
  • Over/hyper sensitivity to clothing or tactile input 
  • Handwriting skills
  • Transitions between activities/places
  • Clumsiness/Bumping into things/decreased body awareness
  • Swinging/jumping/having feet off ground
  • Fine motor activities (coloring, puzzles, cutting, general use of their hands) 
  • Visual skills including visual motor and perception
  • Emotional regulation challenges
  • Maintaining focus, attention, and engagement
  • Low muscle tone

Child Development – Occupational Therapy Program

Some kids struggle to develop the abilities that will let them explore and understand their surroundings on their own. Fine or gross motor skills, sensory processing, visual-perceptual skills, and other abilities may affect all areas of their lives. In these cases, the occupational therapy program can bring a positive difference to the child’s development.

Keep in mind that every child is unique and develops these skill sets at their own speed. However, if you believe your child is having trouble acquiring some of the skill sets, you can speak with a member of our Occupational Therapy program.

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