Social Skills Groups In Chicago - Personal Growth

Everything you need to know about Social Skills Groups:

Our social skills groups in Chicago take an integrated approach in working with children. At In2Great! We pride ourselves on our multidisciplinary focus, where we can observe each child from a variety of lenses. Be striving to integrate emotion, language, body and cognition. We focus on empowering, improving self-esteem, self-awareness and self-advocacy. Children who may struggle socially in other environments can find a consistent opportunity to have their individualized needs met in our nurturing, safe and fun environment.

Our course material emphasises improvement of personal growth. We offer plenty of opportunities for practise in conversation and the identification of tools and approaches that can help improve a child’s ability for reciprocal social interaction. We talk about things like perspective-taking, companionship, social networks, and establishing plans. With a focus on self-dependency and leadership skills in children, our programme of social skills groups in Chicago ensures a vast development of character.

Stimulating Minds for Challenges

At Holding Hands, our groups are organised and "effect" focused. Instead of teaching the group, a social skills therapist at Holding Hands facilitates the conversation while upholding the group dynamics.

The social skills groups in Chicago develop:
  • Listening and Conversational Skills
  • Socialization while playing
  • Ability to share and make new friends
  • Recognising various intonations
  • Interpreting gestures and body language, including facial expressions
  • Keeping it relevant

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