Everything you need to know about Social Skills Groups:

Our social skills groups take an integrated approach in working with children. At In2Great!, we pride ourselves on our multidisciplinary focus, where we can observe each child from a variety of lenses. Be strive to integrate emotion, language, body and cognition. We focus on empowering, improving self-esteem, self awareness and self-advocacy. Children who may struggle socially in other environments can find a consistent opportunity to have their individualized needs met in our nurturing, safe and fun environment.

  • Run by multiple therapists (2 therapist minimum)
    • Social Worker with either OT or SLP support
  • After school
  • Groups available for all ages (3-18 years old)
  • Up to 5 children per group
  • Insurance eligible
  • Frequent curriculum used in groups:
    • Social Thinking
    • Sensory Integration
    • Zones of Regulation
    • Alert Program (“How Does Your Engine Run”)
  • Primary areas of focus:
    • Managing Emotions &Impulses
    • Flexibility in Thinking
    • Appropriate Interactions
      1. Initiating Interactions
      2. Sustaining Interactions &
      3. Concluding interactions
    • Verbal & Non-verbal Skill Building
      1. Reading & Processing Social Cues
      2. Perspective Taking
    • Negotiation/Compromising/Turn Taking
    • Self-Advocacy & Dealing with Bullies
    • Fun Group Outings/Exploring the Community!
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Social Skills Groups
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