In2great Pediatric Therapy

At In2Great! Pediatric Therapy, we believe in continuous Total Team Collaboration approach. Our treatment model is an integrated model focusing on client-centered, collaborative care. We’re proud to provide to our community an expansive network of highly skilled healthcare providers all under one roof including occupational, speech, physical, mental health and behavior therapists. Our clinical staff are all integrated together to offer up team to each child to assess, develop, and address their needs. Care and plan that comes to In2Great! is provided customized unique treatment care with plan that supports an individual’s strengths and barriers to independence across multicontextual environments including home, school, and community settings. If ever you enter our doors, you’ll find that staff consult one another on regular basis based on their area of expertise to make sure to optimize the care child receives to propel growth and skill development. A collaborative method is fundamental part of our clinics high standards and how we approach ever means to child’s care.

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